JustNow Food – app review


The advertisement space is overcrowded with pamphlets and websites showcasing products that are being offered at a discount for a given time frame, but none like JustNow the app that lets you “find the shops around you with promotions on fresh food that must be sold before its expiry date and receive a 30% to 50% discount!”

Starting up with JustNow

We installed the app on a Google Nexus 5X running Android Oreo (8.1.0). It is available on both the iStore and the Play store at a size of 14mb. It requires permission to use your Identity, Contacts, Storage, Camera and Location in order to find the closest service provider to you and of course you would need to register an account in order to save your claimed discounts.

JustNow’s interface

The apps interface has three main views where most of the action happens. An open Map view where all the nearby shops are displayed with the number of products they have on sale at that moment. Deals List that showcase all the products/ deals that are open to be claimed and a quick Claimed Offers view where you can view all the deals you have claimed. What’s cool about the deals is that you can see how many products are left and when the deal expires, so you will never end up disappointed when you arrive at the shop. The interface is slick and intuitive with a steep learning curve.

Using JustNow to get discounts on fresh food

Have a look at our review of the app in the video below.


Using the app is one thing, but does the user actually get a hassle fee discount at the shop?

We took a drive to the nearby Woolworths to claim a deal. What happens in store is rather interesting….


The Notch

The app is slick and saves one a lot of cash to be honest and we recommend that you use it. It does not allow in app purchases of the produce meaning you would have to pay in store. Currently they operate in the Johannesburg/Sandton area, and have partnered with a number of Woolworths (Engen) stores and the Bryanston Organic Food Market where one can get the deals from. We look forward to seeing more fresh food providers joining JustNow to provide these awesome discounts cause we just loved our chocolate mousse pancakes.