Africa’s 1st Crypto-Virtual Mall & On-Demand Transport for Townships


Launched in 2016, Ekasi-bucks provides blockchain-based digital payment, point of sale, loyalty programmes and inventory management systems to township businesses, and is already active across the country in the likes of Soweto, Soshanguve and Khayelitsha.

Increasing the use of community cryptocurrency to support local businesses & ensure circulation of money in the Townships.

Gauteng, Johannesburg: Today, Ekasi Bucks, first black & Youth owned Blockchain company offering services in the townships announces new opportunities for township entrepreneurs, businesses, and the unemployed by launching Ekasi Bucks Virtual Malls & Ekasi Bucks Shuttles.


Ekasi Bucks Malls presents township based entrepreneurs with the opportunity to rent low cost virtual shops on the mall and gain access to wider market within different townships. Customers will be rewarded for shopping locally and access complimentary delivery service. The introduction of Ekasi Bucks Shuttles (Uber of the Townships) gives commuters access to convenient, on-demand, yet affordable transportation 24/7 within townships. This creates previously nonexistent opportunities for business and employment to thousands of community members and entrepreneurs

“We have a database of over 4000 merchants for our virtual mall and 20 cars for pilot on Ekasi Bucks Shuttles.” – says Lucky Kgwadi, co-founder and president of Ekasi Bucks.

These are launched as a result of the growing demand to use Ekasi Bucks in the townships, and our motivation to create wealth for the township communities.

Ekasi Bucks was launched in 2016, primarily, to revitalise & build local economies both townships & rural, by encouraging the communities to buy local and circulation of money in townships.

“We create monetary value in rewards for customers supporting township businesses. Customers buy ekasi-bucks, and they are stored in their mobile wallets. Customers use ekasi-bucks to transact with registered merchants,” co-founder Lucky Kgwadi