20 startup truths too obvious for conversation!


Stripe’s Patrick McKenzie spends his time working on Atlas to make it easier to start and scale companies worldwide, and now he’s shared 20 crucial learnings everyone should read…


Everyone has something to learn. Even you CEO…



“Stealth” means you’re not getting feedback


You will miss your product deadlines


Don’t stress about press


Jack and Jills-Of-All-Trades are crucial…


… But eventually you need experts


Figure out growth early


You win or lose. Share equity to attract talent for a better chance


Raise what you need to hit milestones, or VCs will drop you


Everyone is faking it till they make it (part 1)…


Everyone is faking it till they make it (part 2)…


But half the people are actually fakes


Recruiting is your advantage opportunity


Spend money to make money


Philanthropy doesn’t motivate Open Source, money does!


A computer science degree doesn’t make you an engineer


Don’t expect the public to understand your tech


Everything is not a bubble


Finding your own startup idea


Computer Science


Startup opportunities


Share your knowledge


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