This South African startup makes it easy for musicians and bands to get paid for a gig!


Fitchfork, a Sandton based startup is an example of a company attempting to disrupt the traditional agency model. It lets a musician or band manage their bookings and receive payment online before they play the gig. The website is a user friendly, intuitive, and secure means for musicians to process a booking and securely receive payment, all from the convenience of their personal devices.

Posted July 17, 2018

Chomi social networking app review


Chomi is entering a market that has just recently come of age with their take on the social network. In this review we took their offering for a spin and were looking for gems that could see it outlive the many who have tried and failed at taking on Facebook.

Posted March 12, 2018

JustNow Food – app review


The app is slick and saves one a lot of cash to be honest. It does not allow in app purchases of the produce meaning you would have to pay in store. Currently they operate in the Johannesburg/Sandton area, and have partnered with a number of Woolworths (Engen) stores and the Bryanston Organic Food Market where one can get the deals from. We look forward to seeing more fresh produce providers joining JustNow to provide these awesome discounts cause we just loved our chocolate mousse pancakes.

Posted March 3, 2018

SA Startup events you’d want to attend this week


We used to have this as part of our landing page, however since we took a different approach to what we want our visitors to interact with, we decided to turn our Startup events calendar into a weekly blog post.

Posted February 26, 2018

20 startup truths too obvious for conversation!


Stripe’s Patrick McKenzie spends his time working on Atlas to make it easier to start and scale companies worldwide, and now he’s shared 20 crucial learnings everyone should read…

Posted January 15, 2018