I’m new to Notch, now what do I do?

What’s going on here?
Notch surfaces the best new stuff, everyday. It’s a place for people to share and geek out about their next favorite thing.


How do I get started?
The first step is to explore the top Notches.

The next step is to register. Once you register you become part of the Notch community. Now you can:

  • Upvote the things you love. When you do, it is saved to your profile.
  • Submit products for review and possibly a showase(Notch) on the homepage.


How do things end up on the homepage?
Every day, new things are submitted, upvoted, and curated by the community and the Notch team. The homepage changes throughout the day based on the number of upvotes, time since submission, and other factors*.

* Of course, we cannot reveal exactly how the algorithm works or it might be gamed.


I want to submit something to Notch – what’s the process?
How do I submit things to Notch?
Anyone that has signed up with the Notch community is able to submit things.

After logging in, click the “+” button in the top right and submit the product’s URL, name, and tagline. Each post should include the:

  • Category – e.g. Web application, App, Games
  • Name
  • URL – Direct link to the product page (avoid links to press or blogs)
  • Tagline – Very short description of the product (make it catchy!)

If the product or game hasn’t been submitted before and meets the community guidelines, you will be highlighted as the hunter for that product.


May I post something I made to Notch?
Absolutely! Notch is also a place for makers to show what they’ve built, get feedback, and connect with other enthusiastic people. After doing so, feel free to introduce yourself and provide a brief description of what you made and why.


What happens after I submit something?
Every day, hundreds of things are submitted to Notch. Unfortunately, not everything can make it to the homepage, but those that receive credible upvotes from the community, rise to the top.


I submitted something and I don’t see it on the homepage. Why? 🙁
Every day, new products are submitted to Notch. Unfortunately, not everything can be featured on the homepage. In some cases, products are flagged for removal if they do not meet our community guidelines.
Visit your Notch profile to see your product submissions.


Do you accept submissions for unreleased products?
We encourage people to submit launched products that are available to play with immediately; however, the occasional crowdfunded, pre-launch, or private beta submission is acceptable if it provides thorough information about the product (e.g. clear video with a product feature walkthrough) and proof that it’s not vaporware. That said, we may remove pre-launch submissions and recommend founders to wait until their product has launched before submitting.


What about things that have been around a while?
People visit Notch to discover new things. While most submissions should be for new products, occasionally lesser known hunts are equally loved. Since “new” is subjective, we reserve the right to remove submissions that may be well known within the community.


May I post updates for things previously submitted?
Product updates must be substantial, such as the launch of a mobile app or complete product redesign with new functionality, to be considered for resubmission. Email if you believe your update is substantial, so we can consider whether the update warrants a new post.


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